Lawyers for the Little Guys!

The Limited Scope Law group helps self-represented Californians in a variety of cases. We help you, help yourself!

What We Offer

Limited Scope means exactly what it sounds like, you are only hiring a lawyer to do specific tasks, the rest of the time you remain self-represented. Since we do less work, we charge you less. Contact us today at

Document Preparation

We help clients prepare and amend documents they submit to the court. Whether it is a petition for guardianship, a response to a family law request for order, a civil lawsuit motion, or more, we are here to help. Contact us at

Court Appearances

Have a court hearing and think things will go better if you have an attorney attend with you, we help clients with appearances all the time. Whether you need help standing your ground with the other side, or understanding just what the court wants you to do, we can help! Contact us at


Want to settle a case but the other side won't talk to you? Is there too much emotional baggage or is the other lawyer milking the situation? We help clients settle matters every day. Contact us at

Practice Areas

How Does it Work?

Because we are able to help a much wider range of people than a typical law firm, we get a LOT more phone calls than most firms do. To deal with this we ask our prospective clients to send us an initial email ( to let us know what kind of matter they have and some other simple information. Here's a sample:

SAMPLE ONE: Hello my name is Peter from Springfield. I was arrested for Driving Under the Influence and have a hearing at the Springfield Courthouse on the 20th of this month. Is this something you could help me with?

- SAMPLE TWO: Hello my name is Louis from Shelbyville. I am involved in a divorce case, my ex-husband has a lawyer, and he keeps pressuing me to sign an agreement and I want to make sure I'm not doing the wrong thing. I need to answer him before our next hearing at the Shelbyville Courthouse on the 7th of next month. Can I hire you to look over the document?

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