Practice Areas

Small Claims

Many citizens have matters that are small to the courts, but not to people involved. This can be over minor accidents, debt collection, credit issues, breach of contract, or other matters. We have helped vast numbers of people prepare, proclaim and sort out their small claims matters. 

Consumer Law

Every day, large companies violate the rights of everyday citizens. Whether it be an improper credit report, illegal debt collection, predatory mortgage behavior, or other violation, our lawyers enjoy helping the everyday citizen take on aggressive entities.

Civil Litigation

Lawsuits can take many forms. Whether it's about justice over a wrongful termination, wrongful foreclosure, negligence, assault, or breach of contract, litigation is always demanding and challenging. Having an experienced lawyer in your corner, even if only as a legal consultant, can make all the difference

Landlord Tenant

Eviction defense is never as straightforward as it seems. With California rents higher than ever and code enforcement under-funded, landlords are renting out units they have no legal right to, are renting out infested, condemned buildings, and are aggressive when tenants fall behind. A proper legal consultant can be the difference between a tenant being evicted, and a tenant being paid to relocate. 

Small Business

Sometimes disputes are best handled before escalating to lawsuits. Sometimes contracts can be drafted well-enough to avoid disputes at all. Sometimes a business plan needs fresh eyes to see potential risks previously unseen. Our firm is interested in solving problems instead of billable hours.

Family and Estate Planning

Family law matters such as divorce, child custody, paternity, and prenuptial agreements, are some of the most common reasons people turn to lawyers. Limited scope assistance in these cases can mean document preparation, negotiation, attending court with clients, or just simple advice.